Regulators in Bangladesh have ordered telecom operators and other Internet service providers to stop offering free social media services, making it the latest Asian market to oppose “zero fee, free streaming access.”. It is reported that Bangladesh is one of the top Internet markets in Asia, with more than 100 million Internet users. The country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Commission said late last week that the decision was made because free social media services have been abused or even committed by some people.

over the past decade, many technology giants, including Facebook and twitter, have entered into deep cooperation (usually streaming free access) with telecom operators and other Internet service providers in multiple markets to reduce the access threshold of their social media platforms and promote business growth.

ahad Mohammad, chief executive officer of bongo, an on-demand streaming media service provider, said in an interview with foreign media that the free streaming subsidy policy, which is paid by social media platforms, has been popular in the country for many years.

taking grameenphone and Robi axiata, the two largest telecom operators in Bangladesh, for example, users can still access a small number of services provided by their partners even if they are in arrears. Now, however, both companies have said they will comply with the new rules.

for Facebook, which has already provided free basics access in dozens of markets, it is not clear how much impact Bangladesh’s new telecommunications regulations will have on it.