, according to foreign media reports, although Elon Musk wants to convince people, most Americans still have a long way to go to experience real self driving cars. Unless, of course, you live near Phoenix, where waymo has been offering paid rides to the public in its 4-class automated van for some time. < / P > < p > if you find it extremely stressful to experience such a journey, take a look at the video released by jjricks studios, youtube video host. The video host not only went to experience the autopilot service, but also filmed an hour long journey. < / P > < p > Level 4 automatic driving means that the vehicle can complete the whole journey without the driver’s intervention, even without the driver’s operation at all, but the vehicle will set some restrictions. For example, a class 4 vehicle may be restricted to a specific geographical area or prohibited from running beyond a certain speed. Global Tech