At present, the major car manufacturers have launched electric vehicles, and wantonly publicized. This has once given many consumers an illusion that fuel vehicles are at an end and will be replaced by more environmentally friendly, efficient and intelligent electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles. However, the above statement only exists in the imagination of environmentalists. The life span of the internal combustion engine and the requirements of the current era determine that the internal combustion engine will still be the mainstream of the automobile in the coming decades. Recently, IHS info Markit, the world’s leading provider of information analysis and solutions, recently found that by 2050, 60-80% of the world’s new car sales will be electric vehicles (including pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cells). However, due to their long service life, there will still be 1.9 billion diesel vehicles on the road. According to IHS data, global electric vehicle sales (including Bev pure electric, FC fuel cell and PHEV plug-in hybrid) will account for 24.6% of the market share by 2030. < / P > < p > while the market share of internal combustion vehicles including hybrid, light hybrid (using large capacity battery to improve the efficiency of internal combustion engine) and pure internal combustion power is as high as 75.4%. < / P > < p > the same is true for the U.S. market, with gasoline powered vehicles still accounting for nearly 80% of the market. At present, pure electric vehicles account for only 2% of global car sales. According to YERGIN, the demand for electric vehicles is driven by government regulations, not by consumers. The booming demand for electric vehicles also brings new problems and tough decisions and challenges, especially in the supply chain of some battery materials. However, it is worth noting that the current advantages of electric vehicles are not limited to emissions. In terms of power, ride comfort and intelligence, electric vehicles have natural advantages over traditional fuel vehicles. Global Tech