On September 14, AI inventory, an e-commerce platform, said it had submitted a real name report to the State Administration of market supervision and administration and other four institutions by mail on September 11. AI inventory told reporters from Nanfang + that after AI inventory issued the statement on resisting vipshop’s unfair competition behavior on September 3, “vipshop’s behavior of forcing merchants to choose one from another is still getting worse and worse, and the scope of affected brands continues to expand. AI inventory firmly maintains the legitimate rights and interests of merchants and platforms, and firmly maintains market order, and formally submits a real name report letter to the State Administration of market supervision and administration, Guangdong market supervision and Administration Bureau, Guangzhou market supervision administration bureau and Guangzhou Liwan district market supervision and Administration Bureau. We sincerely ask the above departments to crack down on vipshop’s above-mentioned illegal acts, file a case for investigation, and maintain the order of the industry. ” According to AI inventory, since August 4, 2020, AI inventory has received feedback from hundreds of merchants, pointing out that vipshop requires merchants not to continue to cooperate with AI inventory, forcing them to “choose one from two” and carry out routine inspection on their products. Once it is found that there are still sales on AI inventory, vipshop will notify the merchants or even directly offline to vipshop All the goods on sale on, as a punishment. However, according to people close to vipshop, vipshop chose not to make more response because it didn’t want to cooperate with the hype of AI inventory. < p > < p > according to the Nanfang + reporter’s understanding from the love inventory report letter, AI inventory submitted part of the evidence that the business was forced to “choose one from two” and the description of the damage and loss. AI inventory believes that the “two choose one” behavior seriously affects the healthy development of e-commerce industry. Under the background of resumption of work and production, it seriously damages the interests of businesses, makes business operation more difficult, deprives consumers of the right to choose, seriously damages consumers’ rights and interests, and interferes with the operation and development of e-commerce platforms such as Aiku. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen