It is inevitable that the US ban has stimulated the domestic chip industry to a certain extent. The Research Report “China’s self sufficiency on important 28nm CMOS nodes: the plan can succeed” published by strategy analytics, a market research and consulting agency, points out that the establishment of China’s “national integrated circuit industry investment fund II” may promote China’s almost self-sufficiency in the production of the critical 28nm feature size IC within two years. The U.S. ban will boost China’s efforts to develop its own domestic products, according to the report. As China faces increasingly stringent restrictions on the import of chips, semiconductor production equipment and electronic design software from the United States and its allies, the shift to self-sufficiency should help reassure customers of Huawei, Hisilicon, SMIC and many other Chinese consumer electronics companies. Stephen Entwistle, vice president of strategy analytics, said bluntly: “China is expected to become the largest buyer of semiconductor production equipment by 2020, until the US restrictions on semiconductor equipment are implemented. Part of the phase II investment will be used to develop its own lithography, etching, film deposition and wafer cleaning equipment. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure