According to foreign media reports, the global demand for DRAM (dynamic random access memory) has also increased, driven by the increased demand for home office equipment, enterprise computing systems and data center servers caused by the epidemic. The price of DRAM, which has declined since the second half of 2018, also rebounded in the first half of this year. However, research institutions predict that although DRAM prices rebounded in the first half of this year, the second half is still not optimistic, and the slight downward trend will continue until the end of this year. Although demand for DRAM in computing remains stable, they do not believe that demand for DRAM will continue to increase before the end of the year, according to the report. In terms of smart phones, although many manufacturers have launched 5g smart phones, and the sales volume is expected to reach 200 million this year, the Research Institute believes that the sales of smart phones will not surprise DRAM manufacturers and there will be no shortage of supply. < / P > < p > in the report, the research institute also said that in the past years, the market demand for DRAM increased, usually in the third quarter and the fourth quarter. The main smartphone manufacturers usually launched new products in these two quarters, which increased the demand for DRAM and promoted the price rise. However, this year’s situation is slightly different. The epidemic situation has changed the typical seasonal trend of DRAM demand, and consumers are in consumption More cautious, research institutions do not believe that demand for DRAM in the second half of this year will be as strong as in previous years. < / P > < p > at present, the three largest DRAM suppliers in the world are Samsung, SK Hynix and Meguiar. The research institute mentioned in the report that the sales volume of DRAM of these three suppliers is expected to weaken in the fourth quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year. Global Tech