According to foreign media reports, as shown by the recent albino incident, the warming of sea water poses a great threat to the existence of natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef, but this is not the only factor to be considered. Scientists have found that abnormal flow of nutrients can also increase the risk of bleaching of already fragile corals, a finding that could affect future approaches to protecting endangered species. < p > < p > in general, coral reefs live in the environment with low natural nutrient content, while ocean current and rainwater runoff and other sources will wash nitrogen and phosphorus into the area. Although scientists already know this, it’s hard to study the effects of these nutrients alone. Researchers just combine them with heat stress. < / P > < p > now a researcher from King Abdullah University of science and technology and the University of Queensland in Australia has turned their attention to long-lived corals in the Red Sea, because it is the only marine environment in the world where nutritional and thermal pressures independently affect corals. < / P > < p > the team was able to investigate the causes of historical albinism by examining the skeletal cores of old corals. The results showed that serious albinism occurred only when high temperature and excessive nutrient flow occurred simultaneously. < / P > < p > this evidence suggests that over nutrition can aggravate the effects of heat stress and lead to severe albinism, which provides another clue to a very complex puzzle. But scientists hope the new information will improve the effectiveness of conservation strategies, as most coral reefs face a battle to survive as the water continues to warm and become more acidic. < p > < p > Professor John Pandolfi of the arc coral reef excellence Research Center at the University of Queensland, pointed out: “combining nutrient providing ocean currents with coral bleaching prediction will enhance those based on temperature alone. Our study suggests that the future prediction of coral reefs should go beyond the pressure based on temperature alone, and should consider the effect of ocean current system on nutrient enrichment of coral reefs and the sensitivity to albinism. ” Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities