Recently, a foreign research institution Royal panda and its experts conducted IQ tests on players from various platforms to figure out which group of players from PC, mobile phone, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo has the highest IQ. The results show that royal panda, a foreign research institution, has conducted four part IQ tests on 1001 game players and technical users. The research focuses on four key points of intelligence: language intelligence, mathematical ability, logical reasoning and visual reasoning. Before executing the test, Royal panda asks each participant for statistical identifiers, such as preferred game platform and recent games, which are required for statistical results. Due to the sampling method, the research shows the intelligence quotient data of popular games and game platform players, but it is not necessarily representative. < p > < p > according to Royal panda’s conclusion, PC players are the smartest people with a collective IQ of 112.3. Closely followed by Playstation players: 110.7, Xbox players: 103.8, switch players: 101.3, mobile game players: 99.4. However, the research shows that although the collective intelligence quotient is not as good as that of PC, PlayStation players are higher in logical reasoning and visual reasoning than in PC players. < / P > < p > the results of current popular games are also tested. At the top of the list is “Rainbow Six: Siege”, whose player’s IQ is 120.3, which takes a leading position in the results of the game player’s IQ test. The second is that “among us” has a score of 118.9, and “my world” is ranked third with an IQ of 116.3. At the bottom is the popular mobile game “angry birds” players, the overall IQ is 95.8. While female players beat men with 108.4 IQ, male players’ IQ is 102.3. < / P > < p > although this study concludes that PC players have the highest IQ, the disadvantage is that it may create unhealthy stereotypes – people who previously viewed PCs as advanced gaming platforms may now think that this way of thinking is more reasonable. In addition, it is not clear how the study was conducted globally, as the Royal panda did not specify specific areas for testing. Mobile games, for example, are a global phenomenon that attracts gamers from all over the world, while Xbox players focus on North America. Having said that, the research conducted by Royal panda may bring interesting insights into the game world. Global Tech