In addition to the $250 ring always home cam, the Amazon company quietly launched a $30 mailbox sensor on its low-key release page on Thursday, foreign media reported. Similar to the ring motion sensor accessory, the new mailbox sensor is also a small sensor that relies on Amazon’s sidewalk technology to expand users’ Wi Fi network range. < / P > < p > “this is something many of our customers ask for,” ring president Leila rouhi told CNET by phone. < / P > < p > ring sells a wide range of smart home devices, from doorbells to security cameras. Today’s announcement adds to the company’s smart home product line, but ring also unveiled three connected car products at Thursday’s event, proving the company plans to expand beyond the home. < / P > < p > the ring mailbox sensor is designed to send an alarm to the user’s mobile phone when the mailbox is opened, and it should work with other ring products. For example, when the mailbox is opened, ring doorbell and outdoor camera will record the pictures at that time. Privacy Policy