When I was in college, my girlfriend would take me to the World Trade Fair every year. Although I was reluctant, I would choose false prosperity for everyone’s happiness. When I flatter my friend and her with shaking body and false smile in the cold wind, I will fall into a more severe torture – that is, I can’t get a ticket in the vast river of cars, I can only rely on my shivering legs to carry out a long march and find the way home in the West Fourth Ring Road. < / P > < p > at that time, looking at the cars speeding by, I was thinking that it’s really good to have a car. It’s really cool. Many years later, when I really drove to and from work, I found that it was just going from one kind of hardship to another. A car was just another form of cage. < / P > < p > what brings me such a sense of loss is not only the side parking spaces that I couldn’t get into for three years, but also the flashball like headlights. What’s more, I’m confused by the old people’s scooters that rush around like Eastern European jerks. < / P > < p > the so-called elderly scooter is the upgraded version of disabled motorcycles that used to wave at the subway entrance. Its scientific name is low-speed electric vehicle (lsev). It is commonly known as the old generation, and it is also often called luxury old man’s music in the vernacular. < / P > < p > perhaps in your impression, they are simple, that is, they are happy cars that can pull people out to earn money with a few pieces of plywood picked up by the roadside; but in the tide of industrial upgrading in the motherland, they have long been the ultimate evolution, and they have become a miniature car surrounded by the sheet metal. < / P > < p > although the artistic attainments of collage design need to be discussed, the self-made license plate of Beijing a six sixes still provides a footnote for the interpretation right of folk worship. < / P > < p > in terms of configuration, they are the same as big brother and strive to be no different from cars: from reversing images to Bluetooth playback, they have what cars should have; and they also have chanting machines that cars don’t have. < / P > < p > therefore, if the car is the home of every adult man, then no one should doubt that the old generation car can give its driver a kind of yurt like comfort. < / P > < p > but this is not enough to construct people’s deep fear of the old generation cars on the road. It’s never a car or an object that really makes the fear spread on the road, but the rush of people and vehicles. < / P > < p > “the old generation car is like a Siberian ring horse. It’s a real motherfucker. If it’s a forced merging, it’s equivalent to a violation of the driving power of one’s own car. Then I think the cars in Beijing are raped two or three times every day by old people’s scooters. ” < / P > < p > Xiaotian, who lives in Tongzhou, has more experience of it, from helplessness to anger, and then to the fact that he is used to working overtime every day and comes back to see the parking space occupied by old generation cars, calmly parking around the door 2km away. < / P > < p > the next day, the sun was still rising. When he drove to work with a car with a license plate of 10000 yuan a year rented from his friend, he saw the old generation cars crossing the parking line and riding in front of his car. He only felt a trace of absurdity. < / P > < p > every highway has a sacred right of way. Although domestic drivers, bicycles and pedestrians love to infringe on each other, it’s not too much to pay attention to one. < / P > < p > but the old generation is not the same. His identity as a substitute for walking and a car makes him a road emperor. He can claim the right to all roads and easily and naturally traverse the road network in Beijing. And no peak or not, can start with Ferrari race, with pedestrians for the road. < / P > < p > Take Beijing as an example, although before the old generation cars became popular, the road planning volume was like spaghetti, and the driving etiquette had already collapsed; but its rise undoubtedly made people feel like they were playing gtav when driving in Beijing, and a kind of fear on the road of Sodom. < / P > < p > “regardless of whether I drive or walk, what I fear most is the take out car and the old generation car, which are stuck all over the street like flies and machine gun bullets every day. But what I don’t understand is that if the take out car is trapped in the system, what is the old generation car trapped in?” < / P > < p > Zhan Touman thinks that although the government has launched a new policy of low-speed electric vehicles in 2018, he is determined to return the world a way of peace of mind. But now I have to meet him on the road. < / P > < p > as time went on, he got used to the old generation of bastards driving blindly on the road. Seeking comfort from the window, he would give up his anger. < / P > < p > according to the survey of Beijing business daily, the current domestic ownership of low-speed electric vehicles is as high as more than 6 million; however, based on the data that China produced about 45.42 million low-speed electric vehicles in 2018, this ownership is likely to be preceded by a “at least”. < / P > < p > under the ambiguous identity, the huge old generation car and the bastard driver released its wild nature together and became the predator of road accidents. According to the data in 2017, in the past five years, 830000 low-speed electric vehicle accidents caused 18000 deaths, which became its original sin. < / P > < p > based on this, the old word of the old generation car has become the anchor point of the accurate attack of anger. Some angry and witty netizens even call his driver “old immortal” and suggest the implementation of the ride system, so that their descendants will affect their schooling, employment and housing loans because they drive the old generation car. < / P > < p > on the Internet, you don’t have to search accurately, you can find that countless young people are commuting, shopping or even playing ball games in their old age’s scooters, which is like a multi-modal travel, but the consumption degradation is useful. < / P > < p > in other works, you can see the deeper contradiction between people and land behind the beautiful urban life through the phenomenon that the old generation cars are used to occupy parking spaces. < / P > < p > but behind the high-quality advocacy is that the old generation cars still sell well. Even in their sales comments, we can see that people are seeking this kind of spurned means of transportation. < / P > < p > for Mr. Zhang, who is over 60 years old, the old generation car is the most convenient way to re-establish social contact with old friends after relocation to Shijingshan; for rural vendors, the old generation car is the lowest cost means of transportation, which is related to their annual income; for those urban young people, this dangerous commuting tool may be an expedient measure to solve the problem of no number plate 。 < / P > < p > a good policy does not necessarily mean a utopia that can bring people to the other side. Before people get up from the wheelchair of collective thinking, no matter how tough the measures are, they can not be Harry Potter’s magic wand. < / P > < p > based on the theory that only criticizing but not proposing improvement suggestions is playing hooligans and advocating the government’s green travel initiative, I pondered for several days trying to find a green, convenient and fast way of travel for our people in the classics and history collection. < / P > < p > riding a horse is not only green and convenient, but also cool. How about that boy or girl who doesn’t want to ride a horse on Chang’an Street in Beijing? For this reason, I spent a whole afternoon consulting on whether Beijing can ride a horse. < / P > < p > after calling the vehicle management station of Chaoyang traffic detachment from the traffic committee for 800 times, I still didn’t get an accurate answer. What I can say is as follows: < A= https://ibmwl.com/the-iphone-12-keynote-has-been-recorded-in-apple-park/ target=_ blank>The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park