On October 21, three driverless minibuses were parked side by side outside the Chengyang international E-sports Hall of Suzhou high-speed rail new city. At the same time, on the road at the gate, there are two identical minibuses carrying out non cycling passenger connection work. < p > < p > specifically, this is the first 5g unmanned bus project with normal operation in China. The light boat unmanned light bus has been operated normally on the open urban roads, and the project route covers 9.8 square kilometers around the new high-speed rail city. Through the early bird scheme, the public can take the minibus for daily commuting free of charge. When Xinzhi arrived at the pick-up point of dachengyang international E-sports hall, many media friends and enthusiastic citizens came to taste the fresh food. In addition to the two canoe unmanned light buses running on the road, there are three light buses on the scene for static display. There is no difference between the lidar mounted on the roof of the minibus and that on the rear of the light bus. According to reports, based on car borne sensors such as lidar, the minibus can realize 360 degree perception without dead angle around the body, and the long-distance perception is more than 200 meters. < / P > < p > the setting in the car is very similar to that of ordinary small buses, with 9 passenger seats and 1 driver’s seat. At this stage, for safety consideration, the unmanned light bus needs safety monitoring when it is running; in order to prevent passengers from being hurt by the door, the door opening and closing are still operated by the safety officer. In addition, the driving operation of the vehicle is completed by the driverless system independently. < / P > < p > the route of the new smart drive test ride is route Q1, which was released in July this year, with a total length of more than 4 km and 5 stations along the route. It is the longest Robo bus experience route in China. < / P > < p > after boarding, passengers need to swipe card / scan code at the door. However, at present, this operation is not to collect fees, but to facilitate the company to collect data for statistical purposes. There is also a protective door between the cockpit and the cabin. According to the on-site commentator, this protective door is designed to prevent the malicious snatching of vehicle control. It will be closed during normal operation to protect the normal operation of the light boat unmanned light bus. < / P > < p > a display screen is hung above the protective door, where you can see the running status of the vehicle, the real-time speed and speed limit of the road, as well as the traffic participants around the vehicle body; as well as the receiving station of the running route (with voice station announcement). < p > < p > in general, the start / brake of the light boat unmanned light bus is very smooth, and the driving speed is between 20-50km / h, so the feeling of test ride is the same as that of ordinary bus. < / P > < p > in addition, the vehicle can change lanes autonomously and make unprotected left turns. On the basis of accurate identification of traffic lights, we can successfully pass through multiple crossroads, subway stations, office buildings, residential areas, business districts and other different sections. However, due to driving on open roads, some extreme scenarios may occur occasionally, such as an emergency lane change and an emergency brake during the new smart drive test ride: < / P > < p > the second time, because the pedestrian behavior in the road is unpredictable, in order to protect the safety of passengers and pedestrians, the vehicle detects possible dangers After taking emergency measures to avoid danger. < p > < p > objectively speaking, the performance of the light boat unmanned light bus is commendable. In addition, it carries out the microcirculation connection of medium and low speed on the fixed route (the automatic driving function will be interrupted outside the planned route), so the safety is relatively guaranteed. < / P > < p > the ultimate goal of Robo bus is not to “replace bus drivers”, but to supplement transportation capacity as much as possible, especially in some sections where walking is too far away and taking a taxi is not cost-effective. Light boat minibus can coexist with taxis, buses and other means of transportation, providing passengers with more flexible travel options. For those who want to experience the short journey, we hope that the people who come to visit us can help us. As a result, the first public recruitment of early bird members may be more inclined to those with actual travel needs. < / P > < p > on the other hand, it will take some time for Robo bus to “replace bus drivers” – at present, there are still safety officers (drivers in a sense) in the driver’s seat of light canoe unmanned light buses. In this regard, Yu Qian also said that safety officers will gradually move from the driver’s seat to the far end, and the empowerment based on 5g network may be realized in the next 1-2 years. Then from a safety officer in charge of a car to a safety officer in charge of multiple vehicles. < / P > < p > with the further development and popularization of 5g network, there will be more “communication” between light boat unmanned light bus and road end equipment in the future. For example, after receiving the traffic light signal, intelligent control of the speed of the minibus; or, if conditions permit, extend the green light duration / let the red light turn to green light. < / P > < p > moreover, the scheme of light boat unmanned light bus can be customized on demand and has strong expansibility. According to reports, it took only one month for the first minibus to leave the factory and test on the road, and it will be copied to other cities, such as Shenzhen, Hefei and Qingdao. < p > < p > since Qingzhou Zhihang dares to carry out the normal operation of Robo bus on the open road, it means that it has enough assurance on the security of the service. In March 2019, the company was established in Silicon Valley. At that time, the company had decided on the unique technology path of “factory of automatic mass production” – to build large-scale intelligent simulation system and self-learning decision-making planning framework. < / P > < p > based on the above technical path, the first generation of L4 autopilot scheme, driven by qcraft, has been launched and applied to the light boat unmanned light bus in this normal operation. < / P > < p > as for why in the hot field of unmanned driving, the “unmanned minibus” is chosen as the subdivision track, and Qingzhou Zhihang also gives its own answer. < / P > < p > a minibus is a natural medium and low speed automatic driving scene. No matter the passengers in the minibus or other vehicles on the road, they will have an expectation of the speed of the minibus after seeing it, and there will be no problems such as frequent overtaking and urging because of the slow speed. At the same time, it is also convenient for us to do security boundary management when the speed is low. < p > < p > robotaxi takes cars as the carrier, belongs to private travel, and has small passenger capacity. Under the pressure of high cost, the area that can support is limited; < / P > < p > the ordinary bus uses 12 m, 32 seat model, which is suitable for long-distance lines, with low number density, high no-load rate, and it is difficult to penetrate into narrow blocks. < p > < p > in contrast, the unmanned minibus is very suitable for multiple people to travel, which can solve the problems of sharing bicycles without children and inconvenient use in rainy days. < / P > < p > no matter from what perspective, the operation of unmanned light bus can really further connect the beautiful vision of urban complex traffic. But in the first mock exam, it may take some time to launch this model on a large scale. < p > < p > Yu Qian told us that the cost of a light canoe minibus (plus the purchase price and the cost of renovation) is about 700000 yuan, which is not a small amount – especially for buses running on the road every day to connect passengers, their life span is only about four or five years. < / P > < p > however, as slogan of the light boat intelligent navigation put it: bring unmanned driving into reality. At least, the company has now taken a leap forward. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region