Don’t drive a gas pump when driving. If you are not careful, you may cause a collision accident or personal injury. Even if the traffic accident happened, there was no traffic accident related to it. < p > < p > now, after the car was reported, the traffic police department has also announced the result of the punishment. He was detained for 15 days for provocation and was fined 200 yuan for occupying the emergency lane, 6 points. < / P > < p > according to the video of the original owner’s dash cam, on September 29, the Rolls Royce was driving in the emergency lane. At this time, the Rolls Royce wanted to move in front of the owner, but the owner didn’t ask him to add congestion, instead, he continued to drive with the car in front. < p > < p > and the Rolls Royce in the rear started to leave the video car crazily after driving into the normal lane of the expressway from the emergency lane, and had a total of 6 departures. < / P > < p > at that time, the driving speed of the two cars was not low, but Rolls Royce shuttled back and forth between the high-speed lanes, and even maliciously stepped on the brake after changing to the front of the video car. The whole process looked very exciting and dangerous in the high-speed traffic flow. < / P > < p > afterwards, the owner reported the behavior of the louloulouse driver in the video to the local traffic police department. On October 13, Rolls Royce drove a manhole to the traffic police for investigation. In the face of the questioning from the traffic police, Kong claimed that he was in a hurry to occupy the emergency lane and was not given way when he was ready to drive back to the traffic lane. What makes people feel more surprised is that Kong Mou also said: “he should let me, I think he can’t afford to run into it.” < p > < p > therefore, after he was not given up, Kong was very angry, so he staged another crazy scene in the video. Finally, Kong was detained for 15 days for provocation. He was fined 200 yuan for occupying the emergency lane, 6 points. After the video was sent to the Internet, it also caused heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens said, “it is also Rolls Royce’s full responsibility to add congestion from the emergency lane and avoid collision with the video car. There is no compensation at all.” < / P > < p > “if you drive a luxury Rolls Royce, you will feel superior. If you drive a Bugatti, you will not be allowed to drive any other cars.” Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”