According to the Russian satellite news agency on August 24, pirozhkov, director and industrial designer of the “dynamics” high complexity prototype engineering center of Russia’s national research and Technology University, told the satellite news agency that the rescue flight suit (space) developed by SpaceX for the crew of the manned “dragon” spacecraft But its main function to ensure the safety of the unit is questionable. “It’s not exactly a closed flight suit, but a personal protective equipment used on the way from earth to the international space station. It’s from the designer Jos é,” pirozhkov said? The hand of Fernandez, he is also the shape maker of Hollywood superheroes. I would not have doubted these achievements. Although the United States has always done a good job in publicity, it usually takes years for the reliability of the process to be tested. ” < p > < p > pirozhkov pointed out that designers not only designed flight suits, but also designed another kind of SpaceX equipment. He believes that if efforts are made, Russian equipment can achieve similar results. “The falcon-9 has a good appearance, which is a matter of professional graphics because we are almost the same as their products,” pirozhkov said. This is a long, high-tech cylinder. The painting design should show the achievements of the country and the aerospace field, which we may also need to improve. ” Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen