Recently, in response to the Beijing News’s “reporter undercover 4S shop: smashing good parts to generate revenue” and dumping car owners’ cleaning agent to “do maintenance”, SAIC Volkswagen responded that it had ordered the dealers involved to stop business immediately and launched special inspection on the after-sales service behaviors of dealers nationwide. According to secret media interviews, in the repair workshop of SAIC Volkswagen’s Beijing Star Tiancheng 4S store, an employee broke the original intact water tank frame of the car for repair before stopping. After taking photos, he asked the maintenance technician to dismantle and determine the damage. < / P > < p > it is reported that the broken water tank frame costs more than 1000 yuan, which means that the vehicle maintenance costs can be increased accordingly. Maintenance technicians even said: “every car is smashed, otherwise, where do you make money to go?”. However, in Dongfeng Nissan Shengtong franchise store, the reporter found that the maintenance technician did not check many items on the list. In the process of vehicle maintenance, the technician even poured the unsealed cleaning agent directly into the waste oil recovery bucket several times without cleaning the throttle valve. And the price of the cleaning agent itself plus the labor cost is close to 300 yuan. < / P > < p > in addition, the service consultant of the 4S shop will deliberately sell more than the actual amount of oil to the customer, but the maintenance technician will only use a part of the oil during the actual maintenance, and the remaining oil will be completely intercepted by the whole bottle and recycled by the 4S store after work.

Dongfeng Nissan responded by WeChat public. Dongfeng Nissan set up a special task force to investigate the official account. The franchise is in serious violation of the basic management standard of customer service. It will cancel the star rating qualification and cancel the deadline for rectification. Dongfeng Nissan will immediately carry out the after-sales service inspection of the national franchised stores, strengthen the supervision of terminal service behavior, and resolutely put an end to such behavior. < p > < p > SAIC Volkswagen responded that the dealer was suspected of seriously violating SAIC Volkswagen’s operation and management guidelines to provide services to customers, and it also had the behavior of leasing the business site to a social repair factory without authorization. Therefore, it has ordered the dealer to suspend business immediately and accept relevant investigation. At the same time, SAIC Volkswagen has launched a special inspection on the after-sales service behavior of dealers across the country, and apologizes for the possible trouble that the related behaviors in the report may bring to consumers. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities