In the first round, the limited new products to meet with players are cyberpunk 2077 game theme QCK l game mouse pad and arctis Pro Series headset appearance kit, as well as limited collection created by community artists Lauren ASTA, dune HAGGAR and Brock Hofer. With the emergence of heavyweight games and more works of art in the coming months, Surui will bring new limited quality products to you, which is worth looking forward to. < / P > < p > as the official peripheral partner of CD Projekt red game studio and cyberpunk 2077 game, Sirui launched a variety of peripherals and earphone appearance kits with the theme of cyberpunk 2077 in April this year (related reports). As the release date of the game is approaching, the new limited edition new product adds the QCK l limited edition mouse pad with the theme of Arasaka, militech and Kang Tao, as well as the limited edition mouse pad with the logo cover pattern of the game. < p > < p > Lauren ASTA is a mural artist walking around the world. She is good at illustration, weird art, graffiti art, street art, mural art, etc. It advocates to transmit information in a more attractive and vivid way. “Creating public art allows me to visually stimulate the audience,” says Lauren ASTA. If I’m lucky, I can use my humorous characters to inspire them and encourage people to do what they are best at. ” < / P > < p > dune HAGGAR is a graphic artist living in southwest Western Australia. He likes to customize all kinds of geek equipment, artistic creation on skateboards, guitars and other items, as well as clothing and animation design. He is good at creating landscapes, characters and other themes in a fantastic and funny way, and presenting them to people. < / P > < p > Brock Hofer is a digital artist from Canada. Over the years, he has been dedicated to creating monster themed art works for clients all over the world, which also makes his personal career continue to grow. < / P > < p > in terms of price, the three mouse pads of QCK l cyberpunk 2077 limited edition and QCK l artist series are all 19.99 US dollars (about RMB 134.6 yuan), which are sold to members on the official website of Sirui. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities

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