Today (23rd), the State Administration of radio and television (SARFT) issued a notice on its official website on strengthening the management of live broadcast of online show and live broadcast of e-commerce, requiring the live broadcasting platform to implement real name management for network anchors and “reward” users. Users who are not registered under the real name system can not be rewarded, and minors can not be rewarded. Real name verification, face recognition and manual verification should be adopted to ensure the implementation of the real name system and ban the reward function of minor users. The platform should limit the maximum reward amount per time, daily and monthly. < p > < p > in recent years, a large number of live online show shows and live e-commerce programs have emerged, which has become a very active phenomenon in the Internet economy and a problem that needs to be paid attention to in the construction and management of network audio-visual programs. In order to strengthen the guidance and norms of live broadcast of online show and e-commerce, strengthen the guidance and value guidance, create a healthy ecology of the industry, prevent and curb the breeding and spread of vulgar and kitsch and other unhealthy trends, the relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows: < / P > < p > 1. The live broadcast platform of online show and e-commerce should adhere to the correct direction of giving priority to social benefits, actively spread positive energy and promote the healthy development of the industry Now the true, the good and the beautiful, strive to shape a healthy spiritual taste, promote the network audio-visual space clear. It is necessary to actively study and promote the innovation of service content and form of online audio-visual programs. According to the characteristics of the audience and age stratification, it is necessary to broadcast and recommend live programs with positive values such as pursuing labor creation, displaying beneficial talents and healthy life interests. Value oriented to create a high-quality live room section or cluster, so that tasteful, meaningful, interesting and warm live programs occupy a good position and get good traffic. We should take effective measures to prevent illegal and immoral artists from appearing in public, prevent and curb the spread of such unhealthy tendencies as flaunting wealth and worshipping money and vulgar kitsch in the live broadcasting field, impact on the socialist core values and pollute the network audio-visual ecology. < p > < p > 2. To set up a platform for live broadcast of online show or e-commerce, it is necessary to earnestly implement the main responsibility, focus on improving the management system, responsibility system, content security system and human resources and material allocation of network live broadcast business, actively participate in the construction of professional style and self-discipline of the industry, and jointly promote the standardized, orderly and healthy development of live broadcasting and e-commerce live broadcasting activities. Before November 30, 2020, the above platform should register the main information and business development of the platform in the “national network audio-visual platform information management system” (login address: http: / / < / P > < p > 3. The principle of synchronous management and construction should be implemented for the platform of online show live broadcast or e-commerce live broadcast, and the requirements of matching the platform management force with the operation capacity of the live broadcasting room should be accurately implemented to the number of people. At this stage, the overall ratio of the number of front-line auditors on relevant platforms to the number of online live broadcasting rooms shall not be less than 1:50. It is necessary to strengthen the training of auditors and register the trained auditors in the “auditor information management system”. Encourage capable platforms to adopt requirements superior to the overall ratio, strengthen audit capacity construction, adapt to the changes of online public opinion, and dynamically adjust and strengthen the supervision and audit power of live broadcast room and anchor. The platform shall report the number of live broadcasting rooms, anchors and auditors to the provincial radio and television authorities every quarter. The platform shall report to the competent department of radio and television in advance for the opening of live broadcasting room by social celebrities and overseas personnel. (4) the live broadcasting platform of the online show should carry out label classification management for the program content of the live room and the corresponding anchor, and label them according to “music”, “dance”, “singing”, “fitness”, “game”, “tourism”, “food” and “life service”. According to the characteristics of live shows with different contents, this paper studies and adopts targeted management measures to support and punish the poor. The live broadcasting room of each show must be marked with the program category and studio number on the live broadcast page. If the host changes the program category of the live room, it must be approved by the website. If it fails to pass the examination, it is not allowed to change it without authorization. Fifthly, the live broadcasting platform of network show should establish the business rating files of live broadcasting room and anchor, refine the rating of program quality and violation, and link the score with recommendation and promotion. To do a good job in the anchor, especially the head anchor policy, laws and regulations and related knowledge training. For the live broadcast room and anchor who have problems for many times, we should take measures such as stopping recommendation, limiting the length of time, descending the order and rectifying within a time limit. If the problem is serious and does not change after repeated education, the live broadcasting room shall be closed, the relevant anchor shall be blacklisted and reported to the competent radio and Television Department. It is not allowed to change the “vest” or start broadcasting again after changing the platform. (6) the real name management system should be implemented for network anchor and “reward” users on the live broadcast platform of network show. Users who are not registered under the real name system can not be rewarded, and minors can not be rewarded. Real name verification, face recognition and manual verification should be adopted to ensure the implementation of the real name system and ban the reward function of minor users. The platform should limit the maximum reward amount per time, daily and monthly. When the user’s daily or monthly cumulative “reward” reaches half of the limit, the platform should have a consumption reminder. After confirmation by SMS verification, the next step of consumption can be carried out. When the daily or monthly quota of “reward” is reached, the “reward” function of relevant users should be suspended. The platform should delay the “reward” to the account period. If the anchor violates the law, the platform should return the “reward” to the user. The platform shall not adopt the operation strategy of encouraging users to “reward” irrationally. If it is found that the relevant anchor and its agent imply, entice or encourage users to “reward” in large amount by means of disseminating vulgar content, organized speculation, hiring a water army to brush gifts, or lure minor users to “reward” with false identity information, the platform shall deal with the anchor and his agent, list it in the list of concerns, and report in writing to the competent radio and television authorities 。 < p > < p > 7. The live broadcast platform of online e-commerce must carry out audio-visual content service in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of network audio-visual program service management. It is not allowed to produce and broadcast commentary programs that are not related to commodity sales beyond the scope of e-commerce. If theme e-commerce activities such as e-commerce day, e-commerce day and promotion day are held in the form of live broadcast room, live performance, live variety show and other live programs, the information of the event guests, presenters, content and equipment shall be reported to the competent radio and Television Department 14 working days in advance in accordance with the relevant provisions on the management of live broadcast service of online audio-visual programs. We will encourage the live online e-commerce platform to organize theme e-commerce activities to help economic development, improve people’s livelihood, overcome poverty, upgrade industries and connect supply and demand. < / P > < p > 8. The online e-commerce live broadcast platform should conduct relevant qualification examination and real name authentication for businesses and individuals who set up live broadcast with goods, and keep the review and certification records completely. It is not allowed to open live delivery service for businesses or individuals without qualification, real name or false name registration. The platform shall regularly review the authenticity of relevant information, and timely correct problems found. It is necessary to focus on the management of the live broadcast room, the head anchor and account number, and the live delivery activities with high traffic or high transaction volume, and strengthen the compliance inspection. It is necessary to explore the establishment of a scientific classification and classification of real-time dynamic management mechanism, set up reward, punishment and withdrawal measures, improve the ability to screen and crack down on data fraud, and play a positive role in maintaining the integrity market environment. < p > < p > 9. To set up a platform for live broadcast of online show and e-commerce, we should actively explore the use of big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies to serve the encouraged live programs, let the algorithm support the push of high-quality audio-visual content, and realize accurate early warning and timely interruption of illegal and bad content. For live broadcasting rooms with high click through volume, false high turnover volume, large amount of “reward” and easy problems in business categories, it is necessary to establish a man-machine integrated key monitoring and auditing mechanism, track program dynamics, analyze public opinion and reasons, and take timely measures to prevent guidance deviation and problems. < / P > < p > the competent radio and television departments at all levels are requested to organize the registration and filing work of the platforms that carry out live show and e-commerce live broadcasting within their jurisdiction, and comprehensively sort out, analyze and judge the live show and e-commerce live broadcasting services in accordance with the requirements of this circular. To clean up and rectify the live broadcast content that does not meet the requirements of the preliminary screening; to supervise the relevant platforms to establish a hierarchical and classified management and audit system for live broadcast content, and improve the management mechanism of the number of live broadcast rooms, anchors and auditors, report to the relevant departments and organize the joint shutdown of the platforms that do not meet the requirements and capabilities of launching live broadcasting business Broadcast service. This special work will be carried out from now on to the end of the year. Before November 30, we will summarize and report the results of registration verification and standardized governance, and report important situations at any time. Global Tech