In 1907, Alan, the son of a wealthy American family, went to see an opera on Broadway in New York with his girlfriend. After the end of the show, he called for a carriage, but the price was raised 10 times by the coachman. Later, he asked a friend to design a meter to be installed on the car, named taxicar. In this regard, the world’s first real taxi appeared, and soon swept the world. However, more than 100 years after its birth, taxis, which take the place of carriages, are also facing the problem of life and death. Under the impact of online car hailing, taxi orders and income have been eroded. < / P > < p > but in recent years, Didi, Gaode, Dida and other online car Hailing enterprises have begun to make efforts in taxi business. Can this traditional industry be revitalized again? In fact, the taxi reform has been carried out in China for a long time, but due to various reasons, it has not achieved ideal results. With the development and growth of didi and other online car Hailing enterprises, express, special car and other online car Hailing formats continue to impact the taxi market. < p > < p > according to the statistical bulletin on the development of transportation industry in 2019 issued by the Ministry of transport, the number of cruising taxis, the number of drivers and the scale of passenger traffic volume have been fluctuating and declining in recent years. < / P > < p > the impact of online car Hailing is an external environment that can not be ignored, but the long-standing problems of the taxi industry itself are the internal causes. Such as operation mode, service level, driver income, etc. < p > < p > Shanghai’s Mr. Chen has just switched to a taxi driver this year, but after running for a few months, he wants to quit his car and resign. He told Sina technology that although a month’s income can reach more than 10000 yuan, after deducting more than 7000 yuan of member money and oil money, his hand is only a few thousand yuan. “Running more than ten hours a day is too tired and not good for your health. It’s not a long-term plan to increase 20 jin in two months.” He make complaints about it. Mr. Wang, who has been a taxi driver in Beijing for many years, admits that life is getting harder and harder. First of all, it’s the same amount of money. It’s more than 5000 yuan a month, plus all kinds of costs. If it’s less than 300 yuan a day, you’ll lose money. Second, there’s competition for online car Hailing. “We’ve been robbed by express cars. We’ll have to clean up the road.”

, but Tucao is not just a driver, but users make complaints about taxis. Pick a single, increase the price without permission, poor service attitude and so on have become the inherent evaluation of taxi drivers. < / P > < p > although it has not been a taxi driver for a few months, Mr. Chen has privately summed up the chaos of private fare increase in the taxi industry to Sina Technology. According to his understanding, many taxi companies with lax management can not strictly monitor the behavior of drivers’ personal modification of meter prices. “Generally, students, pregnant women and other objects will not be operated, and the guests who come to the local business trip will operate more,” he said. If the normal price of the meter is 120 yuan, but the driver secretly modifies it and increases it by 20 or 30 yuan, it is difficult for passengers to find out if they don’t pay attention. In particularly difficult times and places, some drivers will ask for a buy it now price instead of using a watch normally. < p > < p > picking a single is a more common phenomenon in taxi industry. Generally speaking, taxi drivers prefer long-distance orders such as railway stations and airports. If the destination is too close, drivers often choose to refuse. Li Gang, vice president of China Transportation Association, once concluded in public that in addition to the problems existing in the management system, the relatively single operation mode of cruising taxis is also an important reason for the low income of drivers. In 2019, the daily service of cruising taxis will be 58 million, and the empty driving rate will be about 45%. If we can increase the network intensive channels outside, it will greatly reduce the empty driving rate and increase the income of drivers. < / P > < p > on September 1, Didi announced to restart its fast brand, upgrade its “didi taxi” business to “fast new taxi”, and announced a special subsidy of 100 million yuan. A few days later, kuaidi new taxi announced that it had reached cooperation with 26 Beijing taxi companies, such as Yinjian taxi, Xinyue united, beichuang beichuang, Yinshan taxi, Sanyuan taxi and saidafu. More than 60000 taxis in Beijing were connected to didi platform. During the same period, Gaode also announced that it had reached cooperation with several Beijing taxi enterprises, such as jinyinjian, BAIC taxi, Xinyue united and beichuang, with more than 30000 on-line vehicles. < / P > < p > and earlier, Dida travel has been in the taxi business for several years. Its official data is that it has access to nearly 700 taxi companies across the country, with a cumulative number of registered taxi drivers exceeding 1.9 million and the cumulative number of certified taxi drivers exceeding 800000. < / P > < p > first, after the epidemic, the online car Hailing market is still in the recovery period. At the same time, all localities continue to promote the standardization process of online car hailing, and the transportation capacity needs to be restored. In recent years, the number of taxis and their market share of more than 50 million yuan per day are still difficult to meet the requirements of the industry. The second is the business opportunity of digital transformation of taxi industry. This includes not only the intensification of patrol taxis, but also the digitalization of taxi enterprise management. According to the Research Report on taxi industry in first tier cities published by China Communications News, 44.61% of users only use app to taxi, 41.68% use app and app at the same time, and only 13.71% only use app. If from the perspective of user demand, patrol taxi network intensification is undoubtedly the general trend. In an interview with the media, Dida CEO song Zhongjie believes that in the long run, the market pattern of Yangzhao and Wangzhao is expected to account for about half. < p > < p > in addition, taxi enterprises are also facing great difficulties in managing taxi drivers’ orders, income and service level. Mr. Wang gave a very extreme case to Sina Technology. Once a passenger got off the bus without paying. The ultimate loss can only be borne by themselves, and can not appeal to the company. If drivers or taxi companies have online communication channels with passengers, this situation can be reduced or even avoided. To solve the problem of digitalization, online car Hailing enterprises have launched their own online management systems for taxi enterprises, such as Didi’s orange line system, Didi’s Phoenix taxi cloud platform, and Gaode has also launched its own digital Taxi Scheme. These 2B services naturally have great commercial opportunities. < p > < p > Master Zhang, who has been running taxis in Zhengzhou for more than 20 years, told Sina technology that he agreed that the combination of online order receiving and promotion of recruitment was the future trend, and he did not reject it. But he still has a grudge against the admission of online car Hailing enterprises. < / P > < p > he recalled that when didi just went online, he started his business by taxis, and he also connected to didi himself. But then didi began to open private cars as express cars and special cars. The status of taxis began to decline, and even a large number of orders were snatched by express cars. < p > < p > he is very dissatisfied with Didi’s access to private cars, saying “the market has been messed up”. For Didi’s fast new taxi, he also has some distrust, “will the taxi become the express mode in the future, and draw a profit from it?” Master Zhang said. < / P > < p > when launching a new fast taxi, Didi CEO Cheng Wei said that there was no profit indicator for the taxi team this year, and it would not be for some time in the future. But he admitted that this year’s fast new rental or tried to commercialize, “for the sake of business and team can be more healthy and sustainable development.” < p > < p > after accessing Didi, the competitive relationship with express and special cars is also a problem that master Zhang is quite related to. When users place an order, how should didi distribute the order fairly between their own express cars and connected taxis? < / P > < p > early Dida is almost equivalent to free service for connected taxis. But since last year, Dida has been exposed and began to charge taxi service fees. According to the scheme revealed by the media, the fee includes two parts: basic service fee and information service fee. The basic service fee is charged at 0.5 yuan per order, while the information service fee is increased according to the mileage, with a maximum of 4.5 yuan. Recently, Didi has also begun to charge taxi drivers service fees for some orders. The charging standards are as follows: no charge for less than 3.5 km, 0.5 yuan for 3.5-11 km, and 2.5 yuan for 11 km and above. < p > < p > in comparison, Dida has always claimed that it will not do express and special cars, and will not compete with taxis. But from the service charge standard, Dida is slightly higher than Didi. < / P > < p > interestingly, Sina Technology recently used Dida to call a taxi. When the order ended, the driver hoped to pay the fare by wechat, saying that this could avoid the service fee commission of Dida. However, another taxi driver who has access to Dida told Sina technology that such operation can’t avoid taking a profit. As long as you receive the order on the platform, whether it’s online or offline, the platform will charge fees according to the order. < / P > < p > for these taxi drivers, under the popularity of online car hailing, they realize that the Internet will be the general trend, but at the same time, they are wary of diddiddidi. In the face of survival and interests, how to choose? Global Tech

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