For a long time, Titan, Saturn’s largest satellite, has always been fascinating because it has an atmosphere and is the only place outside the earth with liquid rivers, lakes and oceans on its surface, as well as active weather. It is like a cradle of life. But unlike the earth, the liquid on it is not water, but methane. A new study has analyzed the chemical composition of Titan and found some meaningful clues that it may have water, a key component of life. < / P > < p > according to Cassini data, the dune crater near Titan’s equator appears to be composed of pure organic matter, while many craters in the mid latitude plain are rich in water ice in organic mixtures. < / P > < p > the presence of water ice in these craters is very important because it is the best indication of life on the planet in the past or in the present. Now, NASA has begun to plan the Titan exploration mission. Maybe one day, we can find real extraterrestrial life on it! Privacy Policy