According to foreign media reports, in the past few decades, great progress has been made in the field of robotics, such as the robot dog called spot or a new “breakthrough” structure recently designed by Yale University researchers. It is reported that Rebecca Kramer bottiglio, a professor at Yale University, and her team of scientists have successfully developed a kind of “robot fiber”, which combines the advantages of traditional fiber, such as air permeability and flexibility, and has full drive, sensing ability and “variable hardness fiber”. < / P > < p > the fiber consists of epoxy resin embedded with “magnetic metal” particles. It is understood that the alloy softens at higher temperatures and hardens at lower temperatures. < / P > < p > by using a set of sensors, researchers can manipulate the structure by guiding an electric current through their custom fabric to heat and cool different parts of the robot. < / P > < p > these sensors can be bent and twisted into predetermined shapes, which may find useful applications in the future Kramer bottiglio believes her technology can be used to develop self deployed tents, robotic parachutes, and “assistive clothing” for the elderly. < / P > < p > as for whether Kramer bottiglio’s technology will be actively applied in the real world remains to be seen, but it will certainly bring some exciting possibilities for the future. < 4 < air < 4 core= target=_ blank>Global Tech

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