According to foreign media reports, although scientists have only recently captured images of black holes, they know a lot about black holes. These extremely dense days absorb anything close to them, which are the center of most galaxies, at least astronomers believe. In addition, it is known that there are two types of black holes: the Standard Version (smaller version) is considered to be 5 to 100 times the mass of the sun; the other version is the super mass version, which is more than 1000 times the mass of the sun. < / P > < p > < p > “medium mass black holes” have eluded astronomers for a long time, but they know that such black holes must exist somewhere. Finding such a black hole has proved to be an incredible challenge. Now, while observing the merging of two black holes billions of light-years away, researchers believe they have discovered the birth of a medium mass black hole. < / P > < p > using data from three observatories on earth, the researchers found two black holes with a mass of 85 and 66 times that of the earth. These two black holes are relatively small, but after they merge, they form a black hole between the standard mass black hole and the supermassive black hole. < / P > < p > these observations are made through gravitational waves, which take seven billion years to reach the earth. It’s an incredible distance, so the scientists who discovered it are obviously very excited. < / P > < p > although this is a maddening discovery, there are still many unsolved questions, the most important of which is why medium mass black holes are so rare in space. The so-called “black hole desert” is quite empty between smaller and supermassive black holes, and researchers want to find out why. One theory is that once a black hole reaches a certain size, it will begin to eat up more material at a faster rate, and then quickly become a supermassive black hole. But for now, this explanation is still a valid guess. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today