According to foreign media CNET reports, fish generally stay underwater, and only a few fish have the ability to walk on land. According to a new study, < / P > < p > & quot; the findings are based on CT scans and a new evolutionary map of the Misgurnus anguillicaudatus family, including the only living fish species caught in walking behavior: a rare cave fish called cryptotora thamicola or cave angel fish, the Florida Museum of natural history said in a press release on Tuesday. < / P > < p > walking is the survival skill of the mysterious cave angelfish, which needs to move in the cave stream as the water level changes. According to a 2016 study led by researchers at the New Jersey Institute of technology, it can even climb a waterfall. < / P > < p > the scientists in charge of the new study focused on the pelvic shape of the cave angelfish, which gives it amphibian like walking ability, and found 10 other species with the same “abnormally heavy pelvis.”. Lawrence page, fish curator of the Florida Museum and co-author of the study, said: “the result is a significant improvement in the understanding of evolution of a very rare event – the ability of fish to walk on land.” The study was published in the Journal of morphology in August. < / P > < p > the investigation of these fish is still in progress because the researchers have not yet captured the walking behavior of other fish. But this possibility is certainly there. Global Tech