In 1927, psychologist zeignik did an experiment: the subjects were divided into two groups, group A and group B, and they worked out the same mathematical problems at the same time. Group a successfully completed the calculation, but group B stopped halfway. Then, the two groups were asked to recall the problem of calculus, and the results showed that group B was significantly better than group A. This experiment, which proves that people are impressed by what they are interrupted and unfinished, is called the zeignik effect. < / P > < p > not long ago, I was deeply shocked when I saw a popular online anchor bring goods. At the other end of the screen, she was introducing a beauty product. While it was playing, she suddenly quarreled with the supplier of the brand because of the price. Only one person who didn’t appear on the camera as a suspected brand supplier said, “our price is already the lowest. We can’t lower it any more.” The expression on the anchor’s face was a little ugly, and he paused for 3 seconds: “today I have to give the fans an account. I don’t care how much you sold at the lowest price before. Today I will sell at this price!” < / P > < p > the other party also said, “it’s really no good. I’ve been an e-commerce for so many years, and I’ve never sold it at such a low price!” She was a little impatient and tried to control her emotions. The staff around them began to echo. After quarreling for several times, she took out the momentum of breaking the pot with the other party and yelled at the camera: “I don’t care. I’ll count it. You can give it to me right away. 9 yuan, 321 links! ” < / P > < p > I can’t believe it’s her. Before, her works uploaded on a short video website were gentle, lovely and independent. My colleagues calmly told me that this is a typical live script.

shook the tape and Li Jiaqi, Li Jiaqi and Taobao anchor webya became the tiktok of live streaming. But it’s also like siphon, which makes it difficult for a small anchor to get out of the circle, so there is a script live broadcast. < / P > < p > in addition to the script mentioned above, there is another script called “welfare for fans”. For example, a long down jacket that looks like more than 100 yuan is only sold for 5.9 yuan in the live broadcast room. As long as you pay attention to the anchor and brush 666 continuously, you can place an order directly. But after I brush 666 for 5 minutes, the link of the 5.9 yuan yellow car always shows that “it can’t be delivered in this area”. So, take off. < / P > < p > it’s all up to the anchor to bring the goods. On the content of the live broadcast, whether it’s quarrel or PK, the content is extremely curious, and the means of hype is also very low. However, although the script style live broadcast is so embarrassing that it can’t bear to look directly at it, it can often harvest good traffic. < / P > < p > the number of people watching the live broadcast room rose from 5000 after the above-mentioned online celebrities and the brand side began to quarrel. The audience has been cheering for the anchor at the bottom of the comments, and some of the comments questioned that it was a “script”, but the number of people in the live room did not decrease. < / P > < p > therefore, when shopping is interrupted repeatedly by the quarrel between the anchor and the brand, the passers-by who used to watch will stop and wait for the grand finale, and remember the names of the anchor and the brand, which is the so-called zeignik effect. If you are “too deep into the play” with the rhythm of the anchor and lose self judgment, impulse consumption is inevitable.

recently, Kwai Fu made a special effort to deal with the phenomenon of “script and acting hype”. In particular, some anchors broadcast the process of broadcasting live, and used family conflicts, divorced derailment, team conflicts and other elements that had nothing to do with commodity sales to induce fans to buy goods, which seriously affected users’ shopping experience, perception experience, and harming the interests of consumers. 。 Jitter also issued a notice to the special management actions of low quality TV business, to combat acts of speculation, selling goods, selling tiktok and so on. < / P > < p > recently, when I watched the live broadcast of the above female anchor, the painting style has returned to normal. Although there is still a trace of performance, the sincerity that belonged to her has returned. Global Tech