At the pS5 Game Conference in June this year, square Enix, a Japanese RPG game manufacturer, released a new game project athia for PC and ps5. According to the latest information, this book has been confirmed to be an open world game.

in the June video, the characters in the game move quickly in the open scene, showing the fast loading characteristics of the new generation host, which makes the players deeply impressed by project athia.

recently, in an interview with Toyo economic weekly plus, Japanese president of square Enix revealed that project Asia is an open world game in which players can move freely in the world. “Project Asia (tentatively named) we will release for ps5 is an open world game where players can move freely in the game world,” Matsuda told Toyo economic weekly plus. “Ps5 has greatly improved video technology, such as’ ray tracing ‘for ray reflection. This is almost the same as what you see on your PC. By using these special technologies, we can create very real images. We still plan to develop games for different platforms, including smart phones and cloud games, but we will not stop developing high-end platforms like ps5, because these platforms have the best technology. “