As the representative work of Suzuki Yu, a leading Japanese game producer, the “Shamu” series was once one of the most ambitious projects in the game history, and was also considered as the foundation work of modern open world games. The inspiration of this series comes from Suzuki Yu’s love of Chinese martial arts and Chinese culture. Twenty years ago, after-sales work, many players around the world have been inspired to have an interest in Chinese martial arts. < p > < p > after 20 years, Shamu 3 was born with the support of many old players and crowdfunding. This time, the game takes players to Guilin, China, in the 1980s. It is also a rare open world game set against the background of Chinese cities. The game continues the consistent pursuit of real details in the series of Shamu, from the dazzling small objects in the scene to the action restoration of real martial arts such as Bajiquan, and all kinds of mini games full of sense of the times All aspects of the game give people a sense of reality and substitution. Global Tech