Sega Asia’s official website is holding a “special award event” for the 60th anniversary of Sega. Beautiful Sega products will be sent out in every month’s activities. All Sega fans should not miss this opportunity and come to join us. < / P > < p > as a gift in November of the 5th activity, it is decided to send out the popular works PS4 / switch “the reincarnation of the goddess III nocture HD Remaster” and PS4 / switch “mad rat dead”. The lucky winner will be presented with the game of the host machine of his choice (please confirm the number of gifts to each official account). < p > < p > as a series of Qu Zhi masterpieces, the legend of “true goddess reincarnation III nocture maniacs” will be launched in traditional Chinese on Nintendo SwitchTM and Playstation? 4 platforms. The pursuit round combat carried in this work is not only inherited by goddess yiwenlu 5 and other reproduction systems, but also the platform of battle system of Atlus works. As long as we attack the enemy’s weakness, we can advance the battle in a favorable direction. It’s a simple but profound combat system. In addition, through negotiation with demons, they can persuade each other to become the secondary demons to fight together, use the combination of demons to fuse the demons to produce new demons, and the story changes due to the choice of the protagonists. The above game system can be said to be synonymous with the whole series. < / P > < p > this game is a rhythmic action game, which describes the story of the experimental rat who died in the cage and used the “last day” given by the God of mice to revenge < / P > < p > human beings. This completely new game is created by the director of the popular thriller “Yehui” series named “goushangyu”, < A= target=_ blank>Global Tech