As the “strongest brain” of the car, autopilot chip has always attracted the attention of consumers. At the end of April last year, Tesla released the hardware 3.0 autopilot hardware system with “full autopilot capability”. The core of this system is FSD (full self driving) computing platform. It is reported that the FSD platform is equipped with two high-performance chips, with a computing power of 144 tops (trillion times per second), and can process more than 2000 frames of images per second, while the power consumption is only 72W. < / P > < p > it is an unprecedented achievement for automobile manufacturers to make chips the first in the industry. In fact, it is not only Tesla, but many auto companies are stepping up the layout of autopilot chips. Recently, according to domestic media reports, Weilai is planning to independently develop an automatic driving computing chip, which is still in its early stage, mainly promoted by Li Bin, chairman and CEO of Weilai automobile. < / P > < p > the media quoted people close to Li Bin as saying that although the self-developed chip project has not been discussed by the board of directors, Li Bin’s intention has been very clear, he is thinking about the final structure, and has been “briefing the company’s senior executives and shareholders to do some communication in advance.” It is reported that Weilai has set up an independent hardware R & D team called “smart HW (hardware)”. According to the source, Li Bin has been looking for a person in charge of technology with a silicon-based background several months ago, which has laid a certain foundation for Weilai automobile’s chip self-study. At the same time, the people familiar with the matter also said that the self-developed autopilot computing chip program may enter the next year’s budget due to the large amount of funds involved, and it is speculated that the plan is likely to be passed within the company. At present, many companies use NVIDIA’s autopilot chips. Domestic ideal cars and Xiaopeng have already ordered the latest generation of NVIDIA chips. The chip adopts a 7Nm process and is expected to be officially put into production in 2022. It is reported that NVIDIA’s new chip will have a computing power of 200tops. < / P > < p > if the news of the self-developed autopilot chip is true, it not only reflects the great vision of Weilai for automatic driving, but also means that as the core of the development of intelligent vehicles, the field of on-board chips will once again usher in a strong competitor, and Weilai will become the first new force to test the water of vehicle chip after Tesla. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone