In September 2020, the North American game sales ranking was officially announced. Last month, we saw a lot of popular game works on sale, and naturally they have to be divided into high and low levels. Skywell innix’s Marvel Avengers League topped the list, becoming the highest selling game on the PS4 and Xbox one platforms in North America in September. “Marvel Avengers alliance” is also the first to sell the second-largest superhero game, second only to the previous “Marvel spider man.”. In addition, it has become the seventh most popular game so far this year. < p > < p > after Marvel Avengers is Nintendo’s Super Mario 3D collection. It seems that Nintendo’s time sales strategy has greatly promoted the game player’s desire to buy, which is also the only selling volume of Nintendo after animal friends’ Association this year. Third in September was Madden Rugby 21. Activision’s “Tony Hawk professional skateboarding 1 + 2” ranked fourth, the highest sales volume in the series’s first week in history. In other bright spots in September, NS once again ranked first in terms of sales volume. The overall sales volume of the game market in September was 21% higher than that in the same period last year, which is closely related to the current epidemic situation. Global Tech