“WeChat official account” Shanghai market regulation ”It is reported that recently, Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau has carried out special inspection on weighing measurement of retail commodities on 10 fresh e-commerce and e-commerce platforms, including HEMA Xiansheng, dingdong shopping, Baiguoyuan, RT-Mart Youxian, meituan shopping, hungry, Suning shop, Jingdong Jiajia, etc., and checked 200 batches of 400 products sold online by 23 sales / distribution stores The number of unqualified products was 117, and 29% of the products were short of weight. < p > < p > Shanghai market supervision bureau said that the inspection results would be handed over to the district market supervision department in the next step, and the follow-up processing would be carried out according to the supervision and management measures of retail goods weighing and measurement, the Shanghai Commodity measurement management measures and other relevant laws and regulations, and urged the platform to carry out rectification. < / P > < p > since this year, retail products have changed a lot from traditional vegetable market / supermarket sales mode to online e-commerce platform sales mode, which brings convenience and convenience to the majority of consumers, but at the same time, there is a shortage of commodities. In view of the above situation, Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau adheres to the problem orientation and innovates the supervision mode for the unqualified weighing measurement of fresh goods sold on the online e-commerce platform, especially the marine (aquatic) retail goods. Through the online single laboratory test or online single store on-site detection, the effective supervision of retail commodity measurement under the new business mode and mode is promoted. < / P > < p > then how to avoid the phenomenon of short weight in online shopping? Shanghai market supervision bureau pointed out that consumers should pay attention to the following points when shopping online: < / P > < p > first, confirm that the purchased retail goods conform to the relevant rules. The state has a clear negative deviation requirement for the measurement of retail goods. Consumers can confirm the measurement negative deviation requirements of their purchased retail goods according to the food variety, price grade and weighing range. The second is to pay attention to the packaging of fresh sea (water) products. If fresh sea (water) products are transported in waterless environment, due to their product characteristics, fresh sea (water) products will lose water / dehydrate / spit water, which will lead to the reduction of net weight of commodities purchased by consumers. It is suggested to purchase fresh sea (water) products which are distributed after water filling and air sealing. This not only ensures the freshness of sea (water) products, but also reduces the “short weight” caused by the water loss of commodities. < / P > < p > the third is to choose the regular network e-commerce platform to purchase. When selling retail goods on the Internet, the major online e-commerce providers will provide their business qualifications in the business information. If they do not provide business license or the business license is not clear or the business content is inconsistent, consumers should choose carefully and choose regular sales enterprises to purchase on the regular platform to reduce the risk. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP) < A= https://ibmwl.com/category/global-tech/#content target=_ blank>Skip to content