The traffic police corps of the Municipal Public Security Bureau said that since this year, Shanghai public security organs have investigated and dealt with more than 43000 traffic violations by express delivery riders. In order to continue to curb the traffic violations of express delivery riders, such as running through red lights, reversing, occupying the motorway, watching mobile phones on bicycles and over long and wide loads, reduce road traffic accidents and protect the life safety of the general public, Shanghai public security organs will take six measures to continue to strictly investigate and strictly control the traffic violations of express takeaway riders. < p > < p > all day street management. Combined with the daily law enforcement work, the daily duty posts and police patrol lines should be targeted to the time and area where the frequent occurrence of express delivery riders, traffic violations and accidents occur frequently. In strict accordance with the standard of “rectifying, punishing and punishing those who violate the regulations”, all kinds of illegal traffic behaviors of express delivery delivery riders shall be intercepted and investigated in accordance with the law. Make full use of all kinds of video resources, and increase the video inspection in key areas and periods. < / P > < p > the most strict implementation of punishment. In law enforcement and management, we should strictly implement the “Five Unifications” measures, that is, if we find that there are traffic violations by express delivery riders, we should check them comprehensively to ensure that there is no omission. All confirmed express delivery riders who violate traffic laws shall be punished. For those who don’t wear helmets, the information of the riders will be recorded. For those who have helmets but don’t wear them, they will be released after wearing helmets on the spot; for those who don’t wear helmets, their nets will be informed to deliver their helmets to the scene, and the riders will be supervised to release after wearing helmets. For the extra long and ultra wide electric bicycles for express delivery, they are urged to restore the original state on site. Express delivery riders who have traffic violations shall be released after on-site education and publicity. < / P > < p > whole chain source control. In depth understanding of the time limit of meal delivery and the way of order delivery, if it is found that the setting of “time limit” is unreasonable and easy to cause illegal traffic of riders, timely remind the platform and cooperate with improvement and improvement. < p > < p > high tech discovery is illegal. The RFID system is used to strengthen the detection of traffic violations of express takeaway riders, timely push the RFID traffic illegal collection to the platform, and urge them to query the handling situation of riders’ traffic violations through the background. For more than 2 riders who have been captured by RFID and have not been dealt with within the time limit, the collaborative platform strictly implements the “stop dispatching” measures. < / P > < p > three dimensional publicity and education. Combined with the “decimal” work of traffic safety publicity, door-to-door publicity and education were carried out one by one for each express delivery outlets. Make full use of all kinds of media platforms to strengthen the publicity and warning education on the illegal traffic hazards of express delivery riders and related traffic accidents. Global Tech