E-car.com( NYSE:BITA )It was announced today that at the special general meeting of shareholders held today, shareholders approved a privatization agreement reached before e-car.com. On June 12, e-car.com announced that it had signed a “merger agreement and plan” with Yiche Holding Limited (the parent company) and e-Car mergersub Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent company), i.e., the privatization agreement. < / P > < p > under the agreement, e-Car will be acquired by a consortium of investors for $16 A share of American Depository shares (ads), valuing it at about $1.1 billion. The investor consortium is led by morepark limited, a subsidiary of Tencent, and hammer capital Opportunity Fund. Today, about 88.9% of the total outstanding shares of e-car.com were voted in person or by proxy, and each shareholder has one vote per common share. In the end, shareholders approved the privatization agreement with about 99.9% of the vote. < p > < p > e-Car will work together with other parties of the privatization agreement to meet the transaction conditions and complete the transaction in time. After the transaction, e-Car will become a private company, and its American Depository shares will no longer be listed or traded on any stock exchange. Global Tech