According to finans, the Danish government is currently examining whether Google needs to pay more taxes, and the country’s tax authorities have started an investigation to see if it has paid all the taxes on time. Skattestyrelsen – the Danish tax office said there was no comment on the case and neither confirmed nor denied that the case was ongoing. It should be noted that the prime minister has repeatedly stated that she is ready to introduce a digital tax on technology giants. < / P > < p > & quot; we are in continuous dialogue with the Danish tax authorities, and we generally pay taxes according to their requirements. As an international company, we pay the vast majority – more than 80% – of corporate tax in the United States, which should not be a secret, because we belong to the United States, just as Danish international companies pay most of their taxes in Denmark. &Some European countries believe that big technology companies should pay more taxes in Europe, because people in these countries help companies create a lot of profits. In July, the European Union again asked the United States to return to the negotiating table to discuss the digital tax. Within the EU, plans for additional taxes are being challenged by member states that prefer to keep tax rates low. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States