Although it is said that the exclusive strategy of the manufacturer has always been despised by players, this time the exclusive strategy of the next generation host has been praised by the famous evaluation media digital foundry.

after John Linneman, a reporter from the digital press agency, tweeted, a large number of developers complained that the development of the game needs to take advantage of the full functions of the new host, while on the other side, it needs to develop a version that can run smoothly on the old host, which makes developers complain incessantly.

after that, John Linneman praised the exclusive strategy of the next generation. He thought that the next generation’s exclusive work was a more wise choice from the perspective of development than putting resources into the cross generation.

he tweeted: from a business point of view, I fully understand the desire to invest and maximize potential customers. Absolutely logical. But I don’t think the adoption of next generation exclusive games is “anti consumer” in a way, and I’m confused by people who insist on this view.

of course, it makes sense for John Linneman to come to this view, saying that “no one wants to develop games for underperforming Jaguar CPUs. I’ve talked to enough developers to understand the pain of the process, and it’s time to put xboxone and PS4 behind. “