On September 16, the “2020 East China Sea Fishing Festival and Zhoushan ocean fishing market Festival” officially opened in Zhoushan. On the festival, Zhoushan Shunfeng and the local government jointly held the first flight ceremony of UAV. It is reported that after using UAVs to transport < / P > < p > originally, it would take 3 hours to transport by water. Now, the fastest time to “go to sea” is 12 minutes, and the transportation efficiency has increased by 15 times. It is understood that Zhoushan is known as the “fish storehouse in the East China Sea” and “the capital of seafood”, and the swimming crab, hairtail fish, large yellow croaker and small yellow croaker are well-known throughout the country. However, due to the scattered and inconvenient transportation of Zhoushan Islands, known as the “city of thousand islands”, the local logistics mainly adopts the mode of main island consignment and automobile transportation, which not only has a single mode of transportation, but also has a limited transportation capacity and high cost. In addition, Shanghai fresh food is extremely delicate and difficult to preserve. For example, once the swimming crab is out of the sea environment, it will die soon without oxygen refrigeration measures, and its quality will be greatly reduced. < p > < p > this time, Shunfeng Zhoushan has invested a variety of UAVs to support the operation; among them, the Fangzhou 40 UAV, based on its 64.2-liter super large cargo bin design, can carry 10 kg, last for more than 20 minutes, have a range of 18 km, and the maximum wind resistance can reach 7-8, which can effectively meet the transportation needs of various scattered islands in Zhoushan. Global Tech