According to the official Sims twitter, a new add-on called snowy escape will come to the players. But at present, there is no more detailed information except an impression map, which will be released in the notice issued at 23:00 on October 20. In the image released this time, we can see rock climbing, skiing and other sports, as well as the buildings full of Asian style and the snow capped mountains in the background. < p > < p > < p > Sims 4 is a business simulation game developed by Maxis software. It is the fourth generation work of the Sims series and was released in the United States on September 2, 2014. In the game, players can experience a completely different life from the reality, including making friends, daily life and travel, and you can even hold parties in the game. In this new expansion package, I don’t know what kind of novel experience it will bring? Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure