The United States is currently in Spain’s traditional month, and Sims 4 celebrates this with a variety of free game props, providing a variety of recipes, costumes and outdoor decorations. Introducing the free upgrade on the official website of SIMS 4, EA explained that the latest addition was the result of Somos EA brainstorming, an employee organization focused on “enhancing the diversity of EA and ensuring that the culture of Hispanic and Latino employees can continue to flourish.”. < p > < p > EA said that the result of brainstorming was to add a series of props to the game that the organization thought represented them, their family and culture. These props are now available in the game and can be used by players in their daily activities and designs. < / P > < p > first, a stove grill is added to the game, along with eight barbecue recipes inspired by Mexico, Argentina and the Dominican Republic. In addition, players can enjoy the delicious food on the colorful new table and chair set, surrounded by a series of new mural designs. Outdoor decoration includes pottery and paintings. Finally, there are costumes designed by tattoo designer Mr. cartoon. < / P > < p > all of the above are in effect in the free upgrade of SIMS 4, as well as the optimization of skin color in the game. Sims 4’s transformation of the game’s expressiveness and diversity will continue in the December patch, when hundreds of new skin tones will be added. Global Tech