A Singaporean fresh graduate with a salary of about S $3000 a month (about S $2400 after deducting the provident fund) needs to work 14.4 days to be able to afford a new iPhone 12 pro. This detail compares the average monthly salary of a range of countries with the local listing price of the iPhone 12 pro (128GB) through the price index released by picodi, a Polish coupon aggregator. < / P > < p > however, according to picodi, Singaporeans can afford an iPhone 12 pro (128GB) by working an average of 8.1 days. This is because picodi uses data from the Ministry of manpower, which shows that the average monthly salary is S $5549 (after deducting the provident fund, the actual salary is S $4255). < / P > < p > in other words, Singaporeans with an average monthly wage of S $5549 need to work 8.1 days to earn enough money to buy an iPhone 12 pro (128GB). < / P > < p > this figure is calculated by dividing the take home pay by the estimated 21 working days per month, and then finding out the number of working days required to pay S $1649 for the launch price of the iPhone 12 pro (128GB). < / P > < p > however, a more accurate estimate is that it may take 9.5 days for a Singaporean to afford a new iPhone 12 pro. This is based on the current median monthly salary of S $4563 (S $3650) rather than on the average. < / P > < p > as picodi’s table shows, Malaysians need 29.1 working days to buy the iPhone 12 pro (128GB) sold in Malaysia – more than three times as many working days as Singaporeans. Global Tech