Every September, the office of bad reviews is destined to have a sleepless night, which is reserved for Apple’s press conference. Even if only a tablet and watch were released in the end, the gourd eaters would have to smash it again and swear. It has to be said that although there are numerous press conferences now, what technology fans are most looking forward to is Apple’s. Why, after less than 50 years of its establishment, Apple has such a high degree of attention in the circle, and is now so successful? Today, there are more than 100 acquisitions listed on Wikipedia. It is estimated that there are more acquisitions that have not been exposed by the media, so they will not say much about it. Some of the acquisition records in the list} < / P > < p > for example, iTunes, which accounts for a large amount of Apple’s revenue, was actually a commercial MP3 software released in 1999: soundjam MP. Only a year after it was launched, Apple bought it. < / P > < p > today’s A-Series chips are continuously researched and developed after the acquisition of p.a.semi (a small fabless semiconductor company) and intranisty (chip design company). There is also the Siri function that was sued by Shanghai’s little I robot some time ago, which was also bought directly by the local Hao Guo Ge. Before < / P > < p > Siri was actually an independent application, more like a real secretary. No matter whether you want to book tickets, take a taxi, or occupy seats or write film reviews, it can directly help you jump to the corresponding app. < / P > < p > and in 2010, it was more than the quiet Siri Sao now. Because the main team wanted to make it more personalized, it sometimes met people and even said dirty words led by F. it was more like an emotional AI. < p > < p > however, the newborn was just two weeks online when he was targeted by jobs. He made a call to founder Adam, who thought it was a fraud call. After confirming that I was right, Adam was very moved and turned down old Joe. < / P > < p > after all, they have just received round B financing, and they are not short of money. In addition, they are still reluctant to part with the painstaking efforts they have just launched. It was not until Mr. Qiao promised that he would focus on developing Siri as the core app for Apple’s mobile phone that he finally agreed to be acquired. < / P > < p > in the next year’s apple conference, Siri was integrated into the iPhone 4S, becoming a major feature of Apple’s mobile phone. < / P > < p > it was after the acquisition of Siri that he did not stop to buy: in order to enhance Siri’s user privacy protection, he bought perceptio; in order to enhance Siri’s human-computer dialogue authenticity, he bought emotient; in order to strengthen Siri’s technical ability, he bought Turin. Before the acquisition of Google maps in 2009, Google maps was used to replace the company’s services. Three years later, IOS 6 came on stage with its own map. However, Apple’s map is full of holes: wrong location, wrong taxi driver’s phone number, all kinds of strange bugs… < / P > < p > some even set up a blog called “the amazing IOS 6 maps” on Tumblr, integrating the strange results from a large number of Apple maps. “Turn left, cross the sea, and you’ll reach your destination.” Although Apple’s map has been improved a lot, the black history that was ridiculed at that time can’t be erased. There was another rollover, just recently. However, the effect has not been seen yet, so the lawsuit comes to us first. In August this year, a large number of users said that the powerbeats series earphones they bought were far from meeting the battery life standard announced by apple. < / P > < p > some people use it for a few weeks and find that the headset is damaged by sweat. Apple also had to pay $9.75 million to settle with the plaintiff to avoid more losses. But overall, the profit of the acquisition is far greater than the loss. Moreover, if you look at the number of acquisitions, Apple’s “naughty value” may not be comparable to other giants: < / P > < p > Google’s three major businesses except search: YouTube, Android mobile platform and display advertising were all started through acquisition. < p > < p > in recent years, large-scale M & A of technology companies has been very rare, but each company seems to have grasped the progress of small-scale transactions to fill in the blank of their own industrial ecology. < / P > < p > sometimes I feel that their idea of chopping hands is: “buy it first, and it will be used later.” “It seems that I can’t use it in the future, but it’s OK. I won’t let my competitors use it!” It seems that money can do whatever you want. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure