Sk Hynix today announced the launch of the world’s first ddr5 DRAM. Ddr5 is a new generation DRAM standard. As an ultra-high-speed and high-capacity product, ddr5 DRAM launched by SK Hynix is especially suitable for big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other fields. After successfully developing the world’s first 16GB ddr5 DRAM in November 2018, SK Hynix provided samples to core customers such as Intel, and completed a series of tests, performance and compatibility verification procedures. This result means SK Hynix can sell related products in the upcoming ddr5 market at any time. During the period of < / P > < p >, SK Hynix and SOC (system on chip) development company and other different enterprises jointly operated the on-site analysis laboratory, and completed the performance verification of new products through the joint execution of system level test and various simulation tests. At the same time, SK Hynix also worked closely with many companies to verify the compatibility of the main components of the module, including RCD (register clock driver), PMIC (power management IC). The data transmission rate of ddr5 DRAM launched by SK Hynix is as high as 4800 ~ 5600mbps, which is up to 1.8 times higher than the previous generation DDR4. The 5600 Mbps transmission rate means that nine full HD (FHD) movies can be transmitted in one second. Moreover, the operating voltage of the product is reduced from 1.2V of the previous generation to 1.1V, and the power consumption is reduced by 20%. Another significant feature of SK Hynix ddr5 DRAM is its built-in error correction code (ECC); the built-in ECC can repair the error of single byte unit of DRAM unit by its own function. With the help of this feature, the reliability of the system using SK Hynix ddr5 DRAM is expected to increase by 20 times. If combined with through silicon via (TSV) technology, it can form high capacity modules with capacity up to 256gb. < p > < p > SK Hynix expects that this low-power, high reliability and green ddr5 DRAM will help data centers reduce their power consumption and operating costs. Global Tech