Recently, we learned from relevant channels that Skoda enyaq IV will launch a two door sedan version, and the new car is expected to be launched next year. Skoda enyaq IV is the first pure electric SUV model of Skoda. Based on the mass production of pure electric SUV model based on the modular electric drive platform (MEB) of Volkswagen Group, the new car will share the MEB pure electric vehicle platform with Volkswagen id.4. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, Skoda enyaq IV’s short front and long roof arc create a dynamic look. The front face of the new car will adopt the same design as the ordinary version of enyaq IV. because it is a double door version, the main change is in the rear of the new car. The new car starts to change from the B-pillar to the rear body. The rear windshield of the new car is larger than the ordinary version, which further creates a streamlined car running design, which is more in line with the needs of young consumers. In the power and endurance part, the power system of Skoda enyaq IV car running double door version is consistent with that of ordinary model. Skoda enyaq IV will offer a wide range of options including rear drive and 4WD versions, three battery specifications and five power levels. This model can realize fast charging with a maximum battery capacity of 125KW. In addition, the range of Skoda enyaq IV can reach 500 km under wltp conditions. Skip to content