On September 23, Skyworth released the q71 series 8K TV. Compared with the q91, the first mass-produced 8K model q91 released by CES this year, the selling price of the q71 series has been greatly reduced. The selling price of the 75 inch model has been reduced from 39999 yuan at the time of q91 to 17999 yuan; another 65 inch model will be sold for 11999 yuan, and the larger 86 inch model will be announced in December. < p > < p > Skyworth TV q71 shows the whole process capability of 8K signal access, decoding, image signal processing and original color hard screen presentation, and supports WiFi 6 and hdmi2.1 technologies. In terms of image quality, the q71 series is equipped with the “3D LUT film original color technology” which was used for professional TV monitors. It can truly restore the intention of the content creator and show the original film and television pictures. < / P > < p > < p > “3D LUT film original color technology” has up to 3000 color points automatic correction, fine adjustment of gamma and white balance, and joint research with SOC original factory to optimize software data conversion algorithm, so as to make the exported LUT data accurately adapt to TV. < p > < p > on this basis, the AI image quality engine of the machine can optimize the image frame by frame; its APU can detect and process face, sky, grass, building and other scene recognition frame by frame, and improve the image quality by optimizing color saturation, brightness, sharpness and dynamic vector compensation. The hue, brightness and saturation of each pixel will be adjusted by step partition to make the color more realistic and natural. < / P > < p > in view of the fact that there are few 8K movie sources, the existing 2K / 4K content can be improved to nearly 8K image quality through the built-in super division algorithm. < / P > < p > in addition to the q71 series, Skyworth also released the A50 series, the first model of a series specially designed for young people, but its price was not announced at the same time. In March 2019, Skyworth sorted out its TV product lines into four wsqg products: W series cutting-edge TV (representing the highest technical level of the enterprise), s series flagship TV (for high net worth population), q series high-quality TV (for mainstream middle-class consumers), and G-Series national TV (for wider consumer groups). < / P > < p > it is worth noting that q91 and q71 of 8K TVs with a price of more than 10000 yuan are all divided into q series, which indicates Skyworth’s vision of popularizing 8K models and further reducing the price in the long run. < / P > < p > in this press conference, Skyworth announced a new product line “a series of new cutting edge TV”, which is customized for the new generation of young people, and meets the personalized scene needs of young people with new technology and new experience. < p > < p > the first model of the a series, the A50 series, each one will be randomly distributed with a SWOT panel tablet computer as a remote control device matching with the TV, which can completely replace the traditional remote control and control the whole house appliances. When the compatible smart appliances in the home or the connection contact “SWOT connector” purchased separately are configured, the tablet computer can be used as the “screen” of these appliances to display the device status and additional functions in real time. < / P > < p > when young people buy TV sets, in addition to hardware parameters and cost performance indicators, software issues such as compatibility with third-party smart TV apps, stability and smoothness of screen projection and video connection are also considered. With the release of a series, Skyworth TV’s operating system “Kukai system 8” has also been upgraded to a new version. In addition, Skyworth also introduced the “Skyworth business” brand and its supporting services, which were first released on August 21 this year. For business scenarios, Skyworth has unified four products under the “Skyworth commercial” brand, which are: commercial TV set for hotel rooms and other environments, commercial touch screen swaiot board for conference room demonstration occasions, and billboard screen suitable for outdoor billboards, which can operate stably for a long time and all day Sign is suitable for the screen wall of subway station, airport, shopping mall atrium, hotel conference hall, etc. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today