On November 26, it was reported that on the interactive platform of Shanghai Stock Exchange e, some investors asked: “does SMIC adjust the price of 8-inch wafer OEM in the fourth quarter? Has the relevant production been affected by the restrictions of the US Department of Commerce? ” And so on. SMIC replied that orders from existing customers will be carried out according to the signed contracts, and the prices of new customers and new projects will be determined by both parties through negotiation. The company will also improve the average wafer price by optimizing the product mix. < p > < p > SMIC said that at present, the company is in normal operation. In view of the export restrictions, the company has actively exchanged and communicated with relevant US government departments, and it is not convenient for the company to disclose the specific details. Beijing new factory project is still in the preparatory stage. If there is any substantial progress, it will be announced in time according to relevant laws and regulations. < / P > < p > some people in the industry pointed out that affected by the epidemic and other factors, the proportion of long-distance work and teaching has increased, and the shipment of notebook computers, tablets and other products has increased greatly. The power management chips and display driver chips in this kind of products are mainly manufactured by 8-inch wafer factories, which makes the production capacity of 8-inch wafer tight in the second quarter and the third quarter. Some large foundry factories have started to increase their prices, and the price increase is expected to last until the first quarter of next year. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park