Snapchat, the parent company of snapchat, has launched an investigation into alleged racism and sexism within the company, people familiar with the matter said today. Snap has contacted current and former employees of the company, according to people familiar with the matter. The survey appears to be related to an article published by some former employees last month about their experience working for snap between 2015 and 2018.

the former employees said that they had experienced a racist culture while working in the company, and that the leadership had devalued black representation in the media. For example, a company manager once said that an article about men’s fashion week had too many black faces and asked for a “more friendly face” to replace black faces.

subsequently, snap said to the media that the company was investigating the complaint. The company’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, also told employees at a recent staff meeting that the company was investigating the incident reported by masable.

snap is one of the few companies in Silicon Valley that have never published a diversification report. At the same staff meeting, Spiegel also said that it would continue to maintain the privacy of its diverse data.

Spiegel said in an interview with the media: “we have been worried that all the relevant information disclosure at present may in fact lead to the misunderstanding that the composition of the current technology staff has been normalized.” Snape also said snap was working on a new way to publish information. A spokesman for

snap said: “we are fully committed to publicizing our diversity figures and our meaningful change initiatives.”

snap attracted criticism last month for releasing a junetenth filter. The filter prompts users to “smile and break the shackles” and then displays something similar to the “Pan African” flag.

many users complained that the filter was offensive and ridiculous, and snap had to withdraw the filter and apologize to the user. A spokesman for snap said today that the company is also investigating the incident.

this is not the first filter to get snap into trouble. As early as 2016, snap released a “black face” filter for Bob Marley, and many people protested.