According to foreign media the verge, snap is making good on its promise to introduce music into snapchat and is ready to compete with tiktok and instagram. The company announced today that IOS users around the world will be able to add pop music to their “snapshots.”. The company, which has brought the feature to users in New Zealand and Australia, said in August that it would bring music to more regions this fall. Snap doesn’t mention when the feature will be available on Android devices. < / P > < p > the company also said today that it will test to allow people to make their own voice, which will be launched globally in the next few months. Instead of pushing popular music content to users like tiktok, snap focuses on working with big publishers and a closer social network between users. < / P > < p > If a person receives a snap message with a voice, they can swipe up to see the album cover, song name, and artist’s name. They can also click on the “play this song” link to listen to the full song on other streaming platforms, including spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud. < / P > < p > snap doesn’t say how big its music catalog is, it just calls it “powerful, planned.”. It also said its licensing agreements covered the repertoire of Warner Music Group, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner chapel music company and BMG Music Publishing Company. < / P > < p > in general, snap introduced music to its platform later. Instagram launched music stickers for stories in 2019 and reels, tiktok’s direct competitor, in August. At the same time, tiktok continues to gain traction among young and young adult users, which means snap may lose its edge if they insist on using tiktok instead of checking or publishing to snapchat. Snap needs to bring music at least into its platform to keep pace with its competitors and remain relevant, even if only IOS users initially have access to it. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone

By ibmwl