Softbank’s robotics unit said on Monday that it would launch an automated meal delivery robot developed by bear robotics in Canada to help the Japanese catering industry cope with labor shortages and ensure social distance during the outbreak. Softbank said the “servi” robot, which has a tray, is equipped with a 3D camera and a lidar sensor for navigation, and will be officially launched in January next year. The cost of the robot, after tax, is only 99800 yen (950 U.S. dollars) a month. < / P > < p > the launch of the robot draws on Softbank’s long experience in bringing overseas technology to Japan, but also reflects a shift in CEO justice sun’s earlier focus on humanoid robots. < / P > < p > Softbank’s pepper humanoid robot became one of the company’s front doors after its launch in 2014, but it failed to find a global customer base. In 2018, the company released whiz, which has sold more than 10000 units worldwide. Global Tech