Young said the most important development on the iPhone 13 Pro will be the promotion display with 120Hz function, ltpo display technology and variable refresh rate. After a series of mixed reports, the current rumor seems to be basically the same: the 120Hz display won’t appear on the iPhone until 2021. < / P > < p > it is reported that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will get the same camera sensor as the iPhone 12 Pro max, and the sensor size of the two Pro models will be increased, which means that the camera of all models will be significantly improved. < / P > < p > although young predicts that the rear camera module of both iPhone 13 Pro models will be equipped with a lidar scanner, it is not known whether this feature will appear on non pro models. For the iPhone 12, rumors don’t say whether lidar will appear on all pro models or only on the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro max. < / P > < p > there won’t be a third generation iPhone se until spring 2022. The third-generation iPhone se is expected to have a 6.1-inch LCD display, touch ID, sub-6ghz 5g and the same dual camera as the iPhone 11. This suggests that it will copy the design of the iPhone 11 from 2019, just as the previous iPhone SE model has repeated the design of the old device and upgraded the internal structure, which is expected to integrate the touch ID into the lock button like the iPad air 4. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia

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