In addition to the expansion of Google drive and other applications, the Google one subscription service provides a lot of benefits. However, foreign media found that after joining the program, some of the original functions of Google photos were changed to use only after paying. However, in a subsequent statement, Gu clarified that the existing Google photos app features were not affected, only tested advanced features with the same name, and apologized for the misunderstanding. < / P > < p > the APK insight team of 9to5google, a foreign media, has reverse compiled the latest version of Google photos app and pointed out some “additional editing functions” in the discovered text, but these functions are only used by paid users of Google one subscription. < / P > < p > currently, the color pop function is already available in Google photos applications, but it is only applicable to photos taken in vertical mode, which means that depth information is available, which is particularly helpful for making the prospect of images popular. The advanced version of color pop is also suitable for photos without depth information, which may try to use machine learning to automatically distinguish the foreground from the background. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone