Microsoft game player is a game that finely engraving the real world and the data from the back end. But after opening up to the majority of players recently, netizens still make complaints about their own experience in the game. For example, in Melbourne, Australia, there is a “Obelisk” as high as a hill as shown in the figure below. However, in the real world, there is no such peculiar architecture. Some people think that the bug may be related to the fact that Bing map’s back-end database and the game are not perfectly connected.

foreign media pointed out that the huge obelisk is not the only bug recently exposed by Microsoft Flight Simulation. Because the game relies on the data generated from the azure cloud to fill all the gaps in the Bing map database.

in addition, some landmark buildings and bridges cannot be generated by AI, so they need to be created manually. If the player chooses to fly at close range, some parts of the simulation city will look strange.

in addition, a simulator player found that the location of Buckingham Palace on the map of England has become an office building soaring into the sky. In addition, the monument in Washington, D.C., has become a long, narrow skyscraper.

on the map of the west coast of the United States, players found that the palm trees on both sides of the road in Southern California are also quite “odd shaped” (too sharp edges). In addition, on a bridge in Portland, the truck also had a mold piercing bug.

the reason may be the data stream settings selected by some players in the microsoft flight simulation game. For example, @ 617via904, a twitter user, pointed out that an underground office building was embedded under the lawn of TIAA Bank Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida.

Tom Warren, the verge editor, tried to replicate the bug, but with all the streaming settings enabled, the problem was solved. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure