Sony has recently been sued by chimicles Schwartz kriner & Donaldson Smith (CSK & D) law firm for defects in the dual sense handle of the Playstation 5-time mainframe. Foreign media slashgear reported that the plaintiff lmarc tunrner accused that the handle defects would seriously affect the core game experience of dualsense.


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On February 12, 2021, the law firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of lmarc Turner in the Southern District Court of New York (case No. 1: 2021cv01229) against Sony Corporation of America and Sony mutual Entertainment (SIE).

The complaint pointed out that Sony’s “unfair and / or deceptive business practices” caused the plaintiff and other consumers who bought the dualsense handle to suffer actual damage to their interests.

Reddit netizen verity21 shared the video motion picture of handle drift two months ago

The plaintiff’s appeal is to set up a jury, ask Sony to launch a recall or free replacement plan, and send a notice to all consumers participating in the class action.

It should be pointed out that the same law firm acting for Sony’s ps5 dualsense handle drift problem is also handling a class action lawsuit against Nintendo’s switch joy con handle drift problem.

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