The RTX 3080 video card, which was launched last week, has been very popular up to now. The first batch of cards is almost gone. NVIDIA has apologized and is stepping up replenishment. Sotay received an order for 20000 RTX 3080 video cards on Amazon, and the staff had to apologize, which was impossible. In the face of high demand, video card manufacturers are now unable to undertake excessive orders. < p > < p > the German official tweet of sotay said a few days ago that only the online order of Amazon and geforce RTX 3080 trinity model had received an order for 20000 graphics cards. What is the concept of 20000 high-end cards? No one can say that. After all, the global sales of 5000 + high-end cards are not much. I’m afraid that the total amount of RTX 3080 graphics cards in this wave may not be 20000 yuan, which obviously exceeds the supply capacity of sotay. < / P > < p > as for how to handle the orders, sotay does not know whether the orders are cancelled by Amazon or continue to wait, but these orders cannot be completed for a month or more. Global Tech