According to people familiar with the situation, the European Commission may narrow down the scope of its investigation into Amazon in the past year to speed up the investigation on the US online retail giant. Breaking down the Amazon investigation could dispel complaints from competitors that antitrust enforcers are too late to address the harm that anticompetitive practices have done to them, and that the ruling has not kept pace with the growing market. < / P > < p > the European Commission adopted a similar strategy against alphabet’s Google, first resolving complaints about its price comparison shopping service, and then investigating other businesses. < / P > < p > the Commission began to investigate Amazon in July 2019, focusing on whether Amazon plays a dual role as an e-commerce market platform and a seller’s competitor. Whether this will bring unfair competitive advantage to the company. In addition, the survey also looked at the role of data in Amazon’s “buy box” winner selection, which appears on the right side of the product page with the words “buy now” or “add to basket.”. About 80% of Amazon transactions are done through “buy box”. < / P > < p > but a person familiar with the matter said that the European Commission is currently considering separating the two issues and focusing on one of them in order to facilitate the investigation. < / P > < p > “the data case seems relatively unimportant.” The source said, adding that the European Commission has not yet made a final decision on whether to split the investigation or which issue should be resolved first. < / P > < p > sources also revealed that there is a debate within the European Commission: whether the investigation against Amazon should be reviewed in accordance with anti-monopoly laws or the rules prohibiting companies from abusing market power. Global Tech